Jumbo Creativity Pack


This creativity pack is great for children ages 2 years and older.



The Jumbo Creativity pack is packed full of items to stimulate your child’s creativity!

Suitable for ages 2 years and older, this pack includes:


Craft Glue
Glitter Glue (5 colours)
Twisters (12)
Colour Stamp Markers
Black Board Duster
Gum Paper
Paint Brushes (4)
Poster Paint (4 colours)
50 Multi Coloured Feathers
500 Multi Coloured Wooden Matchsticks
50 Sucker Sticks
30 Googly Eyes
20 Pom Poms (various sizes)
20 Pipe Cleaners (Assorted Colours)
48pg Colouring-in Book
Writing and Chalk Slate
Box of Coloured Chalk
Board Markers (4 colours)
Project Board Bright Colours